Tarot Reading – Benefits

A customized Tarot Reading from Wholistic Avenue is not about fortune-telling.

The range of benefits start from self-awareness to a regaining the sense of belonging, from inner clarity to understanding others.

  • When blockages or confusions appear, a reading is there to unlock potential and broaden perspectives over situations that seem unchangeable.
  • We zoom out and detach emotionally from the situation you can’t see a way out from, to build the bigger picture in which it exists.
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When I meet new people, in my mind there is no barrier, no curtain. As human beings you are my brothers and sisters; there is no difference in substance. I can talk with you as I would to old friends. With this feeling we can communicate without any difficulty and can make heart-to-heart contact. Based on such genuine human relations — real feeling for each other, understanding each other — we can develop mutual trust and respect. From that, we can share other people’s suffering and build harmony in human society. - Dalai Lama

The Fool

The Fool

Tarot’s Fool is modern playing cards’ deck The Joker. Both lack a number. They are represented by no. 0. The Joker can be replaced as any other missing card from the modern deck in any game. This characteristic is of utmost importance because it derives from the traditional meaning of the Tarot’s Fool. The Fool’s motto is “Any path is my path”.

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